EIZO EasyPIX Settings for Retouching Software

For Adobe Photoshop CS3/CS4/CS5

From the "Edit" menu choose "Color Settings." In the "Settings" drop-down menu choose "North America Prepress 2" and then match your color management policies to those in the dialog box below.


For Adobe Photoshop Elements

From the "Edit" menu choose "Color Settings" and then "Always Optimize Colors for Computer Screens."


For Canon Digital Photo Professional

** Windows version **

From the "Tool" menu chose "Preferences" and then the "Color management" tab. Under "Color matching settings" choose "Use the OS settings."


** MacOS version **

From the "Digital Photo Professional" menu chose "Preferences" and then the "Color management" tab. Under "CMS setting for print" and the "For display," choose "Monitor profile." Click the "Browse…" button and select the correct monitor profile which is created and assigned as an EIZO monitor profile under the MacOS.


For Pentax Photo Browser

From the "Tools" menu choose "Options" and then the "Other" tab. Under "Working Color Management" choose "Normal Display."


For Sony Image Data Converter SR Ver. 2/Ver. 3

In the "Tools" menu choose "Settings" then the "Color Management" tab. Under "Monitor profile" choose "Other monitor profile", click "Change..." and another dialog box will open (not shown). Select the profile for the monitor you adjusted with EIZO EasyPIX which is shown under "Monitor profile currently associated with the operating system" at the bottom of the window.